Dr. Nitya Prakash 

 Entrepreneur | Author | TEDx Speaker | Filmmaker 

 "Author at his best." - Hindustan Times

"A storyteller, Not a writer." - Patrika Newspaper

"Reversing the order." - Asian Age

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Who Am I?

Bestselling Author

Dr. Nitya Prakash is the author of the much-hyped romantic novel 'Dear, I Hate You', thriller fiction 'In the name of Love RIP', popular fiction 'Little Lucknow', medical thriller 'Anti-National' and romantic fiction 'Letters to Mira'.

EdTech Consultant

Dr. Nitya Prakash is an output-driven executive with 15 years of experience in leading various facets of L&D, HR, training & education in complex organizational structures. Known to transform individual performances through powerful competency roadmaps.

Motivational Speaker

Dr. Nitya Prakash is one of the most popular motivational speakers in India. He has motivated through his TEDx talks, philanthropic activities and bestselling books more than 10 million individuals in India and abroad.




Dr. Nitya Prakash

 Known to transform individual performances through powerful competency roadmaps. Harnesses a compelling combination of expertise in driving acceptance of strategic level changes by building employee trust. Indelible reputation in delivering impactful & cost-effective training programs to up-skill employees and creating world-class customer experiences. Resourceful & compassionate, leverage an empathetic approach to connect with people, understand issues, and bridge learning gaps. Spurs people to willingly give 100% as per the business objectives focusing on overall contribution. 

About Dr. Nitya Prakash

Pioneering Transformation: Dr. Nitya Prakash's Journey

With a rich tapestry of experience spanning 15 years, Dr. Nitya Prakash emerges as a trailblazer in the realms of EdTech, L&D, HR, and education. His journey is marked by a relentless pursuit of excellence, navigating complex organizational structures with finesse and innovation.

At the core of Dr. Prakash's expertise lies a profound ability to ignite individual growth through the meticulous creation of competency roadmaps. His strategic acumen extends beyond the individual to orchestrate organizational change, fostering trust among employees and seamlessly integrating strategic shifts.

Renowned for his ability to deliver impactful and cost-effective training programs, Dr. Prakash is a catalyst for enhancing employee skill sets and elevating customer experiences to unparalleled standards. His approach, characterized by resourcefulness and empathy, allows him to connect deeply with individuals, comprehend their challenges, and bridge learning gaps with precision.

Dr. Prakash's illustrious career spans a multitude of functions, from serving as the Co-Founder and Global Head of Techademy Campus to pioneering online and distance learning initiatives as the Founding Director of Chandigarh University. Currently, he serves as the CEO of Quality NZ Education Ltd., driving forward the agenda of educational excellence.

Beyond his executive roles, Dr. Prakash's impact reverberates through his mentorship under the Niti Aayog's Atal Innovation Mission, where he imparts knowledge to Subject Matter Experts, Principals, Teachers, and Trainers. His expertise in digital e-learning, encompassing platforms such as MOOCs, Open edX, Opigno LMS, and MOODLE, is underpinned by certifications in instructional design and a steadfast commitment to quality standards.

Away from the boardroom, Dr. Prakash's creative spirit shines through as an award-winning bestselling author, with works spanning genres from YA and SPY to Romance and Child Psychology. As a Global Goodwill Ambassador, his voice resonates on prestigious platforms such as TEDx, Jio Talks, and REX events, embodying a commitment to excellence and transformation across individuals and organizations alike. He is a recipient of 'Karmaveer Puraskar', 2016, 'India Star Icon Award', 2019, 'Rashtra Prerna Award', 2019 'Torchbearer' Award, 2019.